NFL Championship Round Preview

And then there were four. Only four teams are left to vie for Super Bowl LV out of the original 32, so this article will be shorter than the other preview articles. None of the four teams are clear favorites, but two of them will get the chance to win it all. In this article, I’ll say why I think each team can or can’t win the Super Bowl and share my predictions.

#1 Packers vs. #5 Buccaneers

These teams are almost parallels. They both have ageing star quarterbacks, a good receiver core, good young running backs, and a capable defense. The Packers are probably favorites, however they haven’t proven themselves against big teams.

Why the Packers can win the Super Bowl

Green Bay has had both a prolific passing and running game. Aaron Rodgers has been the best passer of the ball this year, leading in pass touchdowns and passer rating, with good targets in Davante Adams and Marquez Valdes-Scantling. They also have an elite running back, with Aaron Jones.

Why the Packers can’t win the Super Bowl

There’s nothing special about this Packers team. They have stars, but none of them have had amazing seasons. If they go behind in a game, or are having trouble, I don’t think anyone who would be able to step up.

Why the Buccaneers can win the Super Bowl

In the roller-coaster career of Tom Brady, one thing has been constant: winning. Other than seasons where he’s been injured, Brady’s teams have always been Super Bowl contenders. Alongside a star-studded Bucs team, he might be able to make a record tenth Super Bowl and maybe win a record seventh.

Why the Buccaneers can’t win a Super Bowl

They are set up to succeed in 2021. Other than Chris Godwin and Gronk, there aren’t any stars’ contracts that expire at the end of the season. Most of them end after next season. Also, a host of the Super Bowl has never made it and if the Bucs won, they would break that streak.

Score Prediction: Packers 38, Buccaneers 27
#1 Chiefs vs. #2 Bills

The Chiefs have played the whole season like defending champions and have looked like they might go back-to-back. However, last week Patrick Mahomes came off with a concussion and an apparent toe injury might mean he isn’t 100%, but he’ll still start. An exciting Bills team can crash Kansas City’s title ambitions with a team that just lost to the Chiefs in week 6. It’ll be a good one, that’s for sure.

Why the Chiefs can win the Super Bowl

The Chiefs were the best team in the 2020 regular season. Apart from an injured Mahomes, nothing is going to stop the Chiefs. If they lose, it’ll be because the other team played better.

Why the Chiefs can’t win the Super Bowl

Sports are rarely plain and simple enough to give the best team the championship. The sports gods know that Kansas City already has a title under their belt and that they don’t need another one. Mahomes’ toe injury will also hurt his running ability.

Why the Bills can win the Super Bowl

This team has everything a super-team needs. A good quarterback and wide receiver, a good defense, leaders on both offense and defense, and a good coach. If they can execute, they can win it all.

Why the Bills can’t win the Super Bowl

The Bills can make it to the Super Bowl, but winning it is the question. Buffalo has a history of choking in the big game and history could repeat itself. They also might need one or two years for their players to develop.

Prediction: Chiefs 28, Bills 27

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